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Crazy Dance Crazy Dance

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Krafkaroon responds:

Thank you for your helpful and well thought out review. I will think about your criticism and tips and try to make a better...wait, you didn't do any of that stuff. You have failed at your job as a reviewer. Please pack up your desk by this afternoon. Don't forget to drop off your ID badge at the security desk.

-=Alien Hominid Tribute=- -=Alien Hominid Tribute=-

Rated 5 / 5 stars


That was really funny, I dont care about what other people say about this flash, its funny.

And it is soo true. Ha ha, the one thing about buying 4 copies and letting your friends see them so they can be tempted into buying 4 copies! Ha ha!

Dude! Make a tribute to Dad 'N Me, that would be so hilarious! 5/5.

Starberry responds:

dad n me is not a console game